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Lounge Fabric Care

General Lounge Care Information

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as this causes premature fading, rotting and deterioration to both fabric and leather. We recommend that curtains be closed when the room is not in use. Also, do not place furniture too near a radiator or heat source.

Should a member of your family or regular visitor to your home wear hair creams or gels, please consider fitting a head-cloth or anti-macassar for added protection of the upholstery.

Take care with newspaper as the ink can easily rub off onto the leather or fabric.

Foams will soften 10-15% in the first six months of use. This is called 'settling' and is a normal process of foam. From there on, our high quality foams will remain consistent.

Fabric Care Information

Vacuum weekly, as dust is very abrasive and causes premature wear. Take special care to reach between folds, seams, under and behind cushions etc, as grit and dust readily collect in these areas.

  • Soak up spills immediately but avoid hard rubbing.
  • As a rule, fabric cleaning is best undertaken by certified fabric cleaning specialists. Ask them for reassurance that their chemicals will not affect the fabric.
  • Use foaming aerosol upholstery cleaners at your own risk and read the instructions carefully. Always spot test on a hidden part of the fabric to check for any adverse reaction.
  • Fabrics treated with a fabric protector will resist staining better, making cleaning easier. If applying fabric protection, check that it does not affect the fabric manufacturer's warranties.
  • Turn reversible cushions regularly.
  • To extend the life of your fabric suite we recommend arm covers.

Products we recommend

Here at Lynfords, we recommend the Warwick Halo system for all furniture related fabric care and we carry this range in store.

Warwick Halo

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