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Wood Indoor Care

How to care for Indoor Wooden Furniture 

Products we recommend

Here at Lynfords, we recommend several indoor timber care products and we carry them all in store:

Mirotone Sprayglow

For a subdued gloss surface (Satin or Semi Gloss): Sprayglow furniture polish may be used to preserve a deep lustrous, no shine glow. Being silicone free, it is specially formulated with just the right blend of natural oils and waxes to enrich the coating.

Hopkinson's Furniture Reviver

The famous Hopkinson's Furniture Reviver is an extra strong polish which cleans and revives polished surfaces. It is designed to remove heat and water marks, and hide small scratches.

Other helpful tips

  • Wipe over with a damp warm cloth followed by a dry soft cloth (do not use a greasy dish cloth).
  • To remove grease, add a few drops of detergent to a bowl of warm water then dampen a cloth with this solution and wipe over. Always clean off with another clean damp cloth and wipe dry.
  • To rejuvenate Mahogany, use a small application of Teak wax from Danske Møbler. Caution: Do not use any other wax or oil, especially any with silicone content. Most rimu is protected with a satin polyurethane finish that does not require polishing.
  • Things to avoid on wooden surfaces include: nail polish remover, synthetic glues, solvents etc, lemon juice and vinegar.
  • Direct heat from casseroles, tea pots and coffee mugs etc, should be avoided. Hot items placed on anything containing moisture will steam the surface and cause surface blemishes. Frozen items can cause a similar effect. The best rule to follow is: if it's too hot to hold, it's too hot for an unprotected wooden surface.
  • A 'Bulgomme' rubber table protector is recommended for use under table cloths for dinner parties etc, or when laying heavy or sharp objects down.
  • Try to avoid dragging or sliding heavy cabinets across the floor. Lift if possible.
  • Avoid rocking back on chairs as this will weaken the chair joints.

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